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100K Pixel Mural Charity Challenge

Oh NHS..What would we do without you.

I think we all can agree that during these difficult times the NHS have been nothing but amazing and superior in the work they do. Each and every one of this caring family should deserve a star for the outstanding work and efforts that they show and pour into their patients.

So to show our appreciation we would like to like try and meet this audacious challenge of unveling 24K pixels in this mural and raising £100K in the proces for charity. So thats roughly £4 per pixel donation. Even if we do not meet the target of 100K, every little helps. All donations go direct to NHS Charities Together via Just Giving. Pixel Mural does not take a singe penny of these donations.

If we meet the target, not only would we be helping the NHS with the fight against Covid, but then the hidden mural will also be revealed.

So be charitable, help us unveil this Pixel Mural and above all Stay Safe!

2 Pixels Revealed / 24021 Remaining