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This started off as a small hobby project in December 2020 during the Covid crisis. Like a lot of people during this period of time, being suddenly confined to your house with little to no social interaction can drive a person mad. To help alleviate the boredom, this site was setup as a way to keep the mind active and at the same time help good causes.

I currently live in the UK in a little town in west Yorkshire and work in the IT industry. As I wasn’t able to think of any good ideas to help raise money for people in need I decided to put my IT skills to good use and build this website. Some people able to run marathons or provide free PE on Youtube, I decided to do a little bit coding.

If we are able to help reach the Goal of completing a single pixel mural and helping a charity during this crisis, I think that would be a great accomplishment!

If you like the free service and would like it to continue, please make a personal donation on this page to help keep the site running.

Thank you and stay safe


1 Pixels Revealed / 25756 Remaining