Raising money for good causes. One Pixel at a time

We dedicate all the proceeds from our pixel murals to a charity or fund raising cause. For each donation received a piece of the pixel mural is slowly revealed until we hit our target. Please check our twitter account to see the list of pixel murals available. Or Tweet us directly if you have any charities which you would like to us support.

Creating community pixel murals with a twist

Each pixel mural starts off as a blank slate, for each donation we will slowly unveil the mural and embed a message of your choosing within a single individual pixel. You may need a magnifying glass to read the actual messages!! With all fundraising events, we cannot succeed without your help, so please share and contribute today.

Leaving your mark and the Big Reveal

Once the target goal of donations has been met to unveil the mural, then this particular fundraising event will be complete and we will tweet a fully revealed Pixel Mural with all your individual messages as a high resolution JPEG; which will be free to download and share with all. It will also become a permanent fixture in our fund raising hall of fame and will become part of internet history for years to come!


Why did you start this site?

That’s a very good question. Read our about page to find out more.

I am interested in my own digital mural, is it possible to create my own?

Tweet us your request and we can take it from there.

When will the Pixel murals be complete?

This depends on you. Our murals will only be fully revealed once the number of required donations has been met.

Where can I see the digital murals?

Check our twitter account for a list of currently active Pixel Murals. Each Mural can be found by the hashtag e.g. #LoveIt

What impact could my donation make?

For any good cause, any sized donation big or small will go a long way. Apart from donations its also about spreading awareness regarding the cause, be that a charity or fund raising event.

How much can I donate?

Donations can be as little or as much as your want and it’s as easy as pie. All donations are processed via Just click on the donate button found on the relevant Mural page.

What if there is not enough donations?

Pixel murals will remain active until all donations have been met.

No profanity or naughty comments

As we are grateful for all donations made to the site, with any messages if we notice there is any innapropriate comments, we will not post them on the site

How is this site funded?

To keep this site up and the service running, we are completely reliant on donations. If you enjoy the service please make a small donation to help us keep the lights on.